Finger Free * Mess Free * Germ Free * eating

Enjoy many of your finger foods, finger FREE!

Kid tested... Mom APPROVED!

You can feed your child(ren) without the semi-sharp edges of a fork . 

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Enjoy... Mess FREE eating!

Now there's a GERM FREE solution to this problem.

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"Fourth Option"

You can work and eat without making a mess at your desk.

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  • Easy to use

    I received mine yesterday and proceeded to use it to eat some spicy chips and fries and chicken tenders, everything which I would've hated to use with my fingers because of the leftover residue! not anymore, I love how easy it is to use, lock and unlock (it's been a joy finding all the different ways haha), and store. The rose gold color is incredibly beautiful and I have no issues with the case as well, it opens and closes very easily and securely keeps my utensil in place. What a great product, thank you so much.


  • I absolutely love the fourth option eating utensil

    Just wanted you to know I absolutely love the fourth option eating utensil. I have wanted something like this for years. So glad you designed it and made it happen.
    Is there (or will there be) a way to order more? As my family and friends see this, they are going to want them.

    Thank you and positive regards,


    My 2 year old instantly started using these to eat. Thank you for making meal time for us more fun and a lot cleaner. I bought three pair. I will be ordering more.


    Thank you so much.


    Michael Moon.

Mission Statement

Fourth Option is here to provide a solution to a problem that has yet to be addressed by anyone. We’re committed to disrupting the eating utensil landscape and fostering a germ-free mindset. By using Fourth Option eating utensils, everyone will be able to consume many of their favorite finger foods without spreading germs.

We encourage everyone to join us on our Finger Free, Mess Free, Germ-Free journey.